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Brendon Hemily recognized by TRB Public Transportation Group for distinguished service

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January 19, 2023
head shot of Dr. Brendon Hemily
Dr. Brendon Hemily

Dr. Brendon Hemily, Senior Advisor with Mobility Network's Transit Analytics Lab, was recognized by the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Public Transportation Group for "Distinguished Service as Chair, Public Transportation Group, and Member, Technical Activities Council, 2019-2023."

He was presented with a commemorative plaque at TRB's 2023 Annual Meeting.

Dr. Hemily served as Chair of the AP000 Public Transportation Group, which has 12 committees, for four years. He is also Emeritus Member of the Public Transportation Planning and Development Committee, which he chaired for six years.

Hemily is an independent transit consultant with 35 years of international transit experience. He focuses on best practices and innovation in the transit industry, in the areas of policy, management, planning, and the effective use of advanced technology. Prior to 2000, he worked at the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA), where he was responsible for all of CUTA’s research, statistical, and technical services.

Janneke van der Zee, Managing Director at the Intelligent Transportation Systems Society of Canada, announced the recognition in a LinkedIn post.

Dr. Brendon Hemily stands with plaque
Dr. Brendon Hemily with plaque for distinguished service. (Photo: Janneke van der Zee)
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