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Travel Behaviour Modelling Workshop: Finding Connections

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Understanding, modelling and influencing travel behaviour

Are you interested in applying your interest in behavioural research to the important challenge of understanding, modelling and influencing human decision-making with respect to the everyday decisions we make to travel from our homes to the places we work, study, shop, access services, recreate, etc.? When, how and why do we go where we do?

Mobility Network invites researchers in any discipline – the social sciences, data and computing sciences, engineering, humanities, and anyone else – interested in understanding, modelling and influencing human decision-making – for good – to bring their knowledge and insight to a workshop where we hope to lay the foundation for a new travel behaviour research community at U of T.

Professor Eric Miller, director of Mobility Network, will lead this workshop.

The travel choices we make are the outcome of a complicated decision-making process that is influenced by our individuality, our attitudes and perceptions, our social environment, our physical and built environment, the transportation technologies and services available for our use, and other factors. Our choices may or may not be rational – or sustainable.

Collectively, our choices result in the demand for travel. This demand for travel is addressed by a combination of public and private transportation infrastructure and services – roads, parking, transit, sidewalks, bike lanes, rail lines, airports, etc. It’s a game of chicken and egg – people can only travel via the modes available to them, but the supply of these services often imperfectly meets our needs, especially with respect to equity and sustainability goals.

For more information, please read this Backgrounder on travel demand.

Workshop objectives

  • Bring University of Toronto faculty towards a shared understanding of travel demand analysis and modelling as a critical component of transportation planning.
  • Lay the groundwork for a new travel behaviour research community at U of T.
  • Share information discussed at the workshop via an accessible communications product.


10:00 a.m. Welcome and Introduction to Mobility Network

10:10 a.m. Introduction to travel behaviour research & workshop objectives

10:25 a.m. Lightning round of introductions (15 mins)

  • What is your interest/experience in behavioural research?
  • What attracts you to the travel behaviour research problem?

10:40 a.m. Breakout sessions

  • What are the Big Questions in understanding, modelling and influencing travel behaviour? (15 mins)
  • Report back on the Big Questions (15 mins)
  • How can we start building a travel research community at U of T? Who else should we reach out to? (15 mins)

12:00 p.m. Lunch

12:45 p.m. Synthesis of the Big Questions

12:55 p.m. Closing comments

1:00 p.m. Workshop ends


This workshop is restricted to University of Toronto faculty. If you are interested in attending, please email with the subject line "Travel Behaviour Modelling Workshop" before December 6.

About the Finding Connections workshop series

Finding Connections workshops will bring together researchers from across the University of Toronto addressing the seven overarching mobility research areas we call Knowledge Clusters:

  • Urban Equality & Inclusion
  • Climate Change & Health
  • Mobility Technologies & Services
  • Freight & Urban Goods Movement
  • Land Use Planning & Economy
  • Behavioural Analysis & Modelling
  • Governance, Policy Analysis & Managing Change

(See our website home page for descriptions of Knowledge Clusters).

Additional workshops will be announced. All University of Toronto faculty are welcome to attend.


For more information please email us at with the subject line "Finding Connections."

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