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Mittal receives research award from Centre for Urban Environments

head shot of Dr. Gaurav Mittal
Dr. Gaurav Mittal
Dr. Gaurav Mittal
March 30, 2023
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Congratulations to Dr. Gaurav Mittal, the recipient of a Centre for Urban Environments (CUE) Research Award.

Dr. Mittal is a postdoctoral fellow at UTM Mobility Network supervised by Professor Shauna Brail.

The title of Mittal's proposed research is "Political Economy of Low-Carbon Mobility Transitions in Small Cities in India."

The project investigates the political economy of low-carbon transitions in shared mobilities in Amritsar, a small city in northern India. Relying on semi-structured interviews with government officials and transport operators, the project seeks to understand: What impacts has the government’s push towards electrification of shared mobility vehicles had on their operation? And how is the government accommodating the vehicle-operators’ concerns in its push towards a sustainable future?

As part of this award, Mittal will travel to Amritsar, India in summer 2023 to conduct research.

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