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Productive discussion about career prospects with both graduate and undergraduate students at U of T

January 25, 2024

On January 22, 2024, the UT-ITE Student Chapter organized Career Connect featuring discussions with Kate Whitfield, Kate Whitfield, Principal, Alta Planning + Design, to explore various aspects of the job search process. Although Kate couldn't attend, panelists from Ulta Planning + Design actively engaged students and professionals in insightful conversations.

Among the various topics covered, the significance of expressing genuine interest in a job application through a well-crafted cover letter was emphasized. A key takeaway underscored the importance of networking and participating in such events to cultivate meaningful connections gradually, paving the way for opportunities to arise at the opportune moment.

In essence, the event delved into the challenges associated with pursuing the "dream" job and the pathways leading towards it.

Listen to Career Connect Episodes featuring Kate Whitfield.

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