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Prof. Eric Miller shares insights on Transport and Land Use Planning for Melbourne at the 2023 Monash Institute of Transport Studies Annual Odgen Lecture

February 28, 2024

Monash Department of Civil Engineering on LinkedIn: We are very lucky to have Prof Eric Miller of University of Toronto.

At the 2023 Monash Institute of Transport Studies annual Odgen Lecture, Mobility Network Director Prof Eric Miller delivered a presentation on the similarities between, and the ongoing transport challenges of, the Melbourne and Toronto regions.

The distinguished lecture, titled “Transport and Land Use Planning for Melbourne's Rapid Population Growth” addressed the need for integrated transportation planning and urban planning and discussed how this can be achieved in a manner the community will accept, not oppose, when it has never been done before. Melbourne, like Toronto, is planning for rapid, sustainable, liveable, affordable growth in population to be achieved through increased density, not further outward sprawl. In both places, housing pressures have added to the urgency of addressing this complex challenge.

Prof Miller also delivered the 2017 Ogden Lecture “Public Transport in Toronto: What Can We Learn From the Last 20 Years?”.

Download the presentation slideshow.

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