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U of T Centre in India launches in Mumbai in partnership with Tata Trusts

Busy urban roadway in India
(Photo by Peter Adams/Getty Images)
(Photo by Peter Adams/Getty Images)
February 16, 2023

On January 31, 2023, the University of Toronto launched The University of Toronto Centre in India in Mumbai in partnership with Tata Trusts, one of India’s largest philanthropic organizations.

Tata Trusts has been a longstanding collaborator with U of T, supporting researchers across the university to address health care, water, energy and poverty challenges. The centre will give focus to this collaboration with an emphasis on urban research and entrepreneurship, bringing together leading scholars and entrepreneurs from Canada and India to develop groundbreaking research and innovation to benefit people in India and around the world.

As part of the urban research centre, the University of Toronto School of Cities will establish an alliance to build a network of Canadian and Indian researchers who will collaborate on addressing critical urban issues in India and around the world. 

The above is excerpted from "U of T Centre in India launches in Mumbai in partnership with Tata Trusts" by Tabassum Siddiqui, U of T News, January 31, 2023.

Mobility Network will work to solve pressing mobility issues

As a partner in this initiative, Mobility Network is looking forward to working with our Indian partners on the many pressing mobility issues facing India’s urban regions as a key element in addressing issues in environmental and social sustainability.

Professor Eric Miller, Mobility Network Director

Learn more about School of Cities' commitment in their video "University of Toronto Centre in India"

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